NRA Gun Gear of the Week: SIG Sauer P229 Legion Pistol

Joe Kurtenbach heads to the range with the SIG Sauer P229 Legion.

NRA Gun Gear of the Week: JM Custom Kydex AIWB Holsters

American Rifleman's Joe Kurtenbach tests out the JM Custom Kydex AIWB Holster for an every-day appendix-carry holster.

SIG Sauer Launches Legion Series P226/P229 Pistols

Today there will be a lot of attention paid as SIG unveils its new “Legion Series,” which is partly composed of two prominent SIG Sauer pistols—the P226 and P229— that have been enhanced and created directly from input of the most elite professional operators around the world.

Historic Elimination

Competitors are once again grouped together to try their luck against trick shots, and the youngest shooter is sent home after firing a historical piece that actually served in combat.

Match Up Among Friends

The producers just couldn’t stand it anymore, I guess. This week’s Top Shot entered the house multiple times to show the competitors discussing various issues—I still only want to see shooting—and even baking brownies.

The SIG Sauer P224

This sub-compact pistol can accept full-size SIG 229 magazines.

.357 or .357

In past years, various writing projects have caused me to research a couple of cartridges with similar sounding names—the .357 Mag. and the .357 Sig.


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