Range Tested: Daniel Defense DDM4 PDW

Today’s self-protection firearms, whether rifles or pistols, emphasize light weight and compact dimensions, while still offering ample magazine capacity for full-power ammunition.

Stoeger STR-9 Pistol and Double Defense Over-Under Shotgun

A pair of budget-friendly defensive arms from Stoeger—the STR-9 pistol and Double Defense over-under shotgun—prove that reliable tools for self-protection don’t have to break the bank.

2nd Annual NRA Carry Guard Expo Comes to Virginia

Don't miss the defense-oriented gathering of the year.

Nine Lives of the 10 mm Auto

Counted out more than once, the 10 mm Auto cartridge simply refuses to give up—and the latest crop of guns chambered for it proves that the 10 is more than just a survivor.

Tested: Smith & Wesson’s M2.0 Pistols

Smith & Wesson rightly earned accolades for the M2.0 upgrade to its polymer-frame, striker-fired M&P family of pistols. Now, the downsized M2.0 Compact—featuring a 4" barrel and 15-round magazine in its 9 mm Luger configuration—takes aim at the duty/carry crossover market.

NRA Carry Guard Expo Seminars Emphasize Awareness

The topics of the 125 seminars offered at the inaugural NRA Carry Guard Expo ran the gamut from "Active Self-Protection" to aging and awareness.

Media Mysteries Explained

Why can’t the media get it right when it comes to guns? Here are four reasons.

Sgt. York: American Rifleman, American Hero

From the American Rifleman archives comes this story of faith, courage and straight shooting, which resulted in this Tennessee mountaineer being awarded the Medal of Honor.

Throwback Thursday: Domestic Struggle

Every Thursday we'll share an article from the archives. From the August 6, 1914 edition of Arms & The Man, the editors mull the outbreak of World War I and the imminent United States' involvement. (Armor Plate Press image)

Remington R1 Carry Commander

The R1 Carry Commander, in .45 ACP, is an all-steel pistol finished in satin black oxide designed for the defensive shooter.

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