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The East German Makarov: A Cold-War Collectible

The Cold War-era Makarov is a common pistol, but within the hundreds of thousands made,...

Cold War Warriors—The Men and Guns of Special Forces Berlin

While the Iron Curtain still stood, U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers in Berlin prepared for...

James River Armory Russian AKM Rifle Review

This beautiful 7.62x39 mm rifle was built by the renowned classic military firearm restorer.

East German Makarov: A Cold War Classic

Sometimes maligned as dowdy and underpowered, the Makarov is nonetheless a practical, low-cost alternative to...

CMMG Mk47 Mutant AKM Rifle

This rifle strives to blend the modularity and accuracy of the AR-15 with the simplicity...

Foreign Weapons 101

Learning about the guns our troops are encountering in Iraq and Afghanistan.