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Branching Out: Trijicon's Expansive Riflescope Lineup

Best known for advanced optics such as the ACOG, VCOG and RMR, Trijicon has waded...

Rifleman Q&A: Mamba Pistol

A reader inquires about an unusual pistol called the "Mamba."

U.S. Nomenclature

An American Rifleman reader inquires about the nomenclature for the bolt-action Springfield rifle.

Pinned and Recessed Smith & Wessons

What do these terms mean, and do they make the revolver more valuable?

A Lady Competitor’s Colt

A reader learns the history of a .38 Colt Officer's Model owned by a top...

Q&A: A Pair Of Colt 1860 Revolvers

The owner of a pair of old Colt revolvers is seeking information on when they...

Wipe off the Ugly

Guns don’t appear pristine and beautiful in our magazines without effort. In fact, a fair...

Civil War Spencer Rifles & Carbines

During the Civil War, a total of 45,733 Model 1860 carbines and 11,471 Model 1860...

Flush-Seating Wadcutters

How does flush-seating affect accuracy for wadcutter loads? Find out here.