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Fear & Loading: Personal Info Compromised in New Zealand Gun Buyback

New Zealand has temporarily shut down its gun buyback website after officials admitted it inadvertently...

Back to Basics: 5 Things That Will Improve Your Handgun Marksmanship

Do these things every time, and you will be one with your handgun.

Fear & Loading: Privacy, Theft and Making Yourself a Hard Target

You have the firearms and training to minimize the chances of you and your loved...

The Gunsite Legacy

Forty years after Col. Jeff and Janelle Cooper founded Gunsite, it is now America’s oldest...

5 Questions Before You Carry Concealed

Here are a few of the many questions someone should ask himself or herself before...


NRA members have lost a great friend most never had the pleasure of meeting.

Cyber Snooping

Considering the recent signing of the U.N. Gun Treaty, is it really that farfetched that...


Disasters can happen quickly and without warning, and having a way to keep in touch...

Too Valuable for the Safe

An abused J. Stevens single-shot, break-open 12-gauge holds of place of honor today, and receives...

Concealed Carry: The Strong Side

Strong-side concealed carry keeps a gun close at hand.