Kel-Tec KSG: A Top-Selling Pump-Action Shotgun

The Kel-Tec KSG snagged one of the top-selling slots on GunBroker's sales platform in 2019, highlighting its popularity.

Hard Target Defense Tactics

Criminals prefer easy victims, according to a member of a Baltimore-area SWAT team.

Dirty Dozen

With only 12 shooters left in the house, Top Shot producers brought back a popular challenge from Seasons One and Two.

A Great Way to Go Home

This season’s Top Shot continues to be all about the shooting at the range, rather than the drama in the house, or in Colby’s words: “All star, all skill season.”

Match Up Among Friends

The producers just couldn’t stand it anymore, I guess. This week’s Top Shot entered the house multiple times to show the competitors discussing various issues—I still only want to see shooting—and even baking brownies.

Making the Trick Shot

This season, Top Shot producers introduced the trick shooting a little early, and it threw an interesting twist into the show, sending home a strong shooter.

All Stars Begins

With 16 former competitors vying to be the best, Top Shot All Stars has begun. It was nice to see that the show returned for a fifth season, since rumor had the show slipping into oblivion due to the high costs of making the show—the high speed cameras that provide all that awesome bullet-entering-target footage are not cheap.

10 Movie Myths Dispelled

Gun mistakes in movies are flagrant and often. Here are some of the worst.

Guns on TV: Top 12 Shows

Television technology may have changed dramatically since the early days of grainy black & white broadcasts, but American culture has always been influenced by its content-much of which prominently features firearms. Shooting Editor Paul Rackley took a look at TV programming past and present to select his favorite shows that regularly feature firearms.

Visit with SureFire

Associate Online Shooting Editor Paul Rackley visited SureFire’s headquarters in Orange County, Calif., to check out their products and manufacturing processes.

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