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Book Review: 'Winchester Model 1895–Last Of The Classic Lever Actions'

The collecting community has eagerly been waiting for a treatise on the Model 1895 for...

Rifleman Q&A: Soviet Tula-Korovin Pistol

We answer an American Rifleman reader's question about a Russian-made pistol he has in his...

Rifleman Q&A: Italian-Made EIG Derringer

An American Rifleman reader is attempting to identify a four-shot derringer that appears to date...

Rifleman Q & A: French-Made Mosin-Nagant?

In this Rifleman Q & A segment, we answer questions about a unique, French-made variant...

Rifleman Q & A: A Belgian Cape Gun?

A reader inquires about a double-barreled Cape rifle/shotgun.

Rifleman Q & A: Fred Adolph Rifle– “If I Rest, I Rust”

A reader inquires about an engraved single-shot .25-35 Win. rifle with set triggers, an octagonal...

Rifleman Q & A: Antoine Ronge Pistol

A reader has a question regarding a pistol he received and that reputedly came back...

Rifleman Q & A: Model 1894 Peculiarities

A reader asks for help identifying peculiarities of his Winchester Model 1894.

Rifleman Q & A: Pre-War Stock Pistol

A reader inquires about an older, semi-automatic .32 ACP pistol.

Rifleman Q & A: Mystery Miroku

A reader inquires about an old, like-new-condition revolver made in Japan by Miroku.

Rifleman Q & A: A Gun Of Many Names

A reader asks about an old revolver marked “National Arms Company, New York U.S.A.”

Rifleman Q & A: Civil War Import

I’ve acquired an interesting firearm and need help finding more information about it, since my...

Rifleman Q&A: Is My KBI Makarov Rare?

A reader has a question about a Makarov he purchased about 15 years ago.

Rifleman Q&A: A Spanish Belgian?

This handgun has been in a reader's family for decades, likely even back before World...

The Airgun of Meriwether Lewis

Two centuries ago, Lewis & Clark and their Corps of Discovery returned to St. Louis...