Memorial Day 2020: Private Cruz and PFC Hayden Come Home

Memorial Day is a moment to reflect on the high cost we pay for the freedoms we hold today. Here are two men who paid the ultimate price.

Memories of Normandy: The Meaning of Memorial Day

Memorial Day is celebrated differently across America, but those celebrations are unified in that the sacrifices of fallen soldiers made them possible.

The Keefe Report: Agent Rossi’s—and the NRA National Firearms Museum's—Next Gun

This SIG Sauer 1911 Tac Ops pistol is identical to the one that will be carried by the "Criminal Minds" character played by Joe Mantegna—who stopped by the NRA National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, Va. today.

The Keefe Report: “The Dreaded Price”—Memorial Day 2017

We owe it to him—and all who gave the last full measure—to remember them, today.

History of U.S. Military Gun Salutes

Military salutes are are steeped in tradition and intended to demonstrate great honor to those for whom they are conducted, yet misconceptions exist. Let's clear them up.

The Armed Citizen® September 30, 2016

Memorial Day shoppers, including one armed citizen, chased down a suspected thief in Wichita, Kan.

NRA Pistol Wear: Convertible Security Holster

The Convertible Security Holster is designed for a cool, comfortable, lightweight and discreet fit.

The Keefe Report—Memorial Day: “If we are prepared to die, we can go forward.”

Memorial Day is a day that is a lot of Americans misunderstand. Frankly, we should thank our active duty military folks and veterans every day, not just on two Federal holidays a year.

The Last Monday in May

The last Monday in May each year provides a moment when most Americans pause to think about people who are no longer with us.

Memorial Day

Too many Americans think this Monday is nothing more than the unofficial starting gate for summer vacations. It is not. It’s a day to remember and honor those who have died while serving in this great nation’s Armed Services.

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