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The Genesis Of Sniping, Part 6: Soviet Sniping, 1939-1945

After the Great War, Soviet Russia sought to upgrade its military capability—especially when it came...

The Allies Strike Back: The Genesis Of Sniping, Part 5

Without a suitable sniping rifle, and with no training organization in place, the Allies struggled...

From Civil War To World War: The Genesis Of Sniping, Part 4

After the American Civil War, repeating rifles and smokeless powder revolutionized shooting. Accurate rifles that...

Sharpshooting North & South: The Genesis Of Sniping

During the Civil War, sharpshooters brought marksmanship skills to bear, dispatching generals and influencing battles.

The Quest For Accuracy: The Genesis Of Sniping

The biggest advancement in precise, aimed fire before the American Civil War wasn’t made to...

Keefe Report: 1st July 1916

Today marks a significant day in the history of Great Britain and her empire. For...

The Genesis Of Sniping

Before sniping could make an impact on the battlefield, two things were required: accurate rifles...

The "Tommy's" Thompson

Thompson submachine guns served with British troops during World War II.