Tested: Remington’s Precision Chassis Rifle

While Remington has made chassis rifles before, its goal with the new PCR was to offer a factory Model 700 that would deliver at long range but not break the bank.

Big Sky Country's Bergara Academy

The all-new Bergara Academy is challenging the outdated perception that long-distance shooting is some sort of elitist pursuit, one where exotic rigs, Olympic stamina and MENSA cards are membership mandatory.

Fear & Loading: Triggers and Fingers

We’ve all heard a nice slow press of the trigger is the best way to deliver precise shot, but a study published in 2000 provides solid scientific evidence for the advice and even a reason your off-hand may be best for long-distance shooting.

Distance on a Budget

Long-range shooting can be practiced without breaking the bank with some research and creative ingenuity.

Going Long Distance

For those who have never shot long distances, nestling behind a rifle for 600-yard or longer shot can seem daunting.

The Ultimate Hog Gun

With the available options, building your very own hog gun is as fun as the hunt.

He Got It All Right

An Interview with Stephen Hunter.


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