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The Smith & Wesson J-Frame: A Short History

With the introduction of the Smith & Wesson J-Frame, gun owners and law-enforcement officers had...

Clapp: The Case for Hammerless Revolvers

Wiley Clapp makes a strong case for a particular class of firearm as a near...

Vetting Surplus Pistols

Is that old military pistol you just picked up at a bargain-basement price an interesting...

Optics-Ready Handguns and Mini-Reflex Sight Round-Up

Competitive shooters and the U.S. military have known about the advantages of reflex sights for...

9 mm Crow

Wiley Clapp adds to his recent blog about a light Centennial-style revolver in 9 mm.

Smith & Wesson Standouts

Since its beginnings, Smith & Wesson have made many types of revolvers. Several have stood...

Ugly Guns

No matter what its features, some handguns just don't sell.

Colt's D Frame

Revolvers once ruled the handgun world.