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First Look: Gemtech Lunar 9 Modular Suppressor

Offering consumers a versatile option for their 9 mm and 300 BLK firearms, Gemtech announced...

Product Preview: Advanced Affordable Hearing Aids

For the millions of shooters who have engaged in shooting activities without proper ear protection...

Tested: Blackhawk Suppressors—All Kinds Of Quiet

Comprised of seven very different models, each filling a specific role, Blackhawk’s new line of...

AR-15 Pistols for Home Defense?

While some folks have written off the AR-15 pistol as nothing more than a range...

5 Reasons to Consider a Suppressor

Firearm sound suppressors offer a number of beneficial advantages to shooters. But buying one is...

Product Preview: SoundGear In-the-Canal Digital Hearing Protection

Aside from following NRA’s three rules of firearms safety, responsible shooters must always protect their...

Review: SportEar Custom Edge Hearing Protection

These electronic ear plugs provide hearing enhancement and automatic hearing protection.

Suppressors: Taking the Bang Out of Shooting

In case you hadn’t noticed, guns are loud. A suppressor takes the report down to...

Kimber Mountain Ascent: A True Featherweight

Dave Campbell says Kimber’s Mountain Ascent rifle is as pure a lightweight hunting rifle as...

Now Hear This!

Today’s digital technology allows those with hearing loss to hear what they’ve been missing.

Silencerco Sound Check

The Ruger 22/45 Lite is a fun, accurate and quiet handgun, especially with a suppressor.

Sound Suppressors 101

This often misunderstood accessory is legal to own and fun to use.

Suppressors: For Hearing and the Shooting Sports

Suppressors protect the hearing of shooters, and could help preserve the shooting sports.