New for 2021: Heckler & Koch SP5 Pistol

Introduced in 2020, the Heckler & Koch SP5 is a faithful semi-automatic variant of the iconic H&K MP5 submachine gun.

Magpul MP5: Accessories & Installation

Magpul Industries offers a new line of polymer furniture and accessories for the H&K MP5 family and its clones.

U.S. Army Now Fielding New Sniper System

The Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System based on the H&K G28 is now being fielded by the U.S. Army.

Editors’ Picks 2019: H&K HK416 .22 LR

Heckler & Koch USA is now offering a high-quality understudy to its AR-pattern center-fire rifles with a new version of the HK416 .22 LR chambered in .22 Long Rifle.

Video—I Have This Old Gun: H&K VP70

Though Glock often gets credit for being the world's first polymer-frame, striker-fired pistol, the H&K VP70, which shares those attributes, actually debuted a full 13 years beforehand.

H&K VP9 Pistol now with Push-Button Mag Release Option

If you love the VP9 pistol but hate the European-style ambidextrous paddle mag release, you now have the option of a new U.S.-style reversible push button release in the VP9-B model.

Web Exclusive Preview: Hammer Time—Going Back to H&K’s Grey Room

The American Rifleman TV crew heads back to the range with HK USA Marketing Director Bill Dermody to shoot the H&K P30, the German firm’s most modern hammer-fired gun.

Product Preview: XTech Tactical H&K VP9/P30 Extended Magazine

XTech Tactical offers extended 9 mm Luger magazines for Heckler & Koch’s VP9 and P30 series of semi-automatic pistols that boost the guns’ capacity from 15 rounds to 20. Utilizing an elongated polymer baseplate, the stainless steel magazines feature toolless disassembly and rear-facing witness holes.

SHOT Show 2018: H&K Suppressors

Heckler & Koch is now offering a B&T sound suppressor for its VP9 Tactical model 9 mm pistol.

Tested: Heckler & Koch’s VP9SK Pistol

Shorter and lighter than its VP9 sire, the new SK model is H&K’s entrant into the highly competitive field of compact, striker-fired polymer handguns.

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