Lord Lovat's Rifles: In Film, Recollection and Reality

The most famous rifle of D-Day—or at least the most memorable rifle of “The Longest Day”—wasn’t actually there. Lord Lovat did carry his Mannlicher-Schoenauer carbine in combat, however, and we can learn a lot about British and American guns used during World War II from his memoirs.

Book Review: Foundations Of Sniper Marksmanship

Author and law enforcement sniping instructor John C. Simpson undertook his 123-p., 6"x9" softcover Foundations Of Sniper Marksmanship mainly because of the frequency with which he encountered students who lacked even a minimal knowledge of riflecraft.

Pro-Shooter Advice: Proper Handgun Grip

Competitive shooting champion Julie Golob shares some professional advice on proper handgun grip principles.

In Shape for Shooting: How Fit Do You Have To Be?

While it won't turn you into Doug Koenig or Julie Golob overnight, incorporating some of these nutrition and exercise factors may contribute to some benefits on the range.

Throwback Thursday: Gun Knowledge for Christmas

Every Thursday we'll share an article from the American Rifleman archives. In this week's article from the December 1959 issue, then NRA Executive Director Louis F. Lucas, advises that "when you give a boy a gun, give him also the knowledge, the skill, and the sense of responsibility."

Six Carry Guns for Women

Expert firearm trainer Tom Marx tells you why these half-dozen guns made his list.

Survival Trial III: Winterborn

In navigating approximately 120,000 acres, dealing with freezing temperatures and conducting multiple challenges, the competitors of Survival Trial III: Winterborn proved they could survive anything. Held at NRA Whittington Center in Raton, N.M., ST III was a test of survival skills, both urban and backcountry, and included orienteering, physical fitness, shooting and mental preparedness.

Kimber TLE II: The Go-To Gun

Since SWAT gets the toughest calls, their handguns have to handle everything.


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