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Tested: Winchester’s 350 Legend

Its design will make the 350 Legend particularly enticing for hunters in “straight-wall” states, but...

Handloads: 6.5 mm Grendel

The 6.5 mm Grendel cartridge only looks small. Instead of burning copious charges of propellant,...

Latest Loads: 7 mm Rem. Mag.

The prospect of long-range shooting opportunities motivates hunters to purchase rifles chambered in 7 mm...

Tested: Inside The .224 Valkyrie

Is Federal Premium’s brainchild the new go-to long-range cartridge for the AR-15-size semi-automatic rifle? Read...

Latest Loads: 7 mm-08 Rem.

Want a cartridge capable of downing all non-dangerous species worldwide, without punishing recoil?

Latest Loads: Muddying The Waters

Within the hunting community, few topics are as hotly debated as is use of .22-cal.,...

American Rifleman Archives: Oxford Gunsight

From the January 1969 American Rifleman: Spot-of-light aiming system in unusual sight.

Selecting An AR

The infinitely variable AR rifle is the most flexible firearm platform available to hunters and...

Resurgent: The 10 mm Auto

Now, more than three decades after it made its debut, the 10 mm is offered...

Subsonic Shotshells

Odds are that there gas been at least one occasion when you wished your shotgun...

Latest Loads: .300 Whisper

For hunting or personal protection, the .300 Whisper offers low recoil with big performance.

.410 Slugs For Deer Hunting?

All things considered, bigger is better but smaller is sufficient.

CVA Hunter

When CVA upgraded its Scout model, it left a niche for a no-frills, value-priced, entry-level...

Bargain Hunting Rifles

You can pick up a hunting rifle from four of the biggest names in riflemaking...

.410 Slugs for Deer Hunting?

Are .410 slugs sufficient for deer? Here's some food for thought.

Wildcat Cartridges That Went Legit

Hundreds of wildcat cartridges have come and gone through the years-some with ridiculous names and...

25 Years with the 7 mm STW

The 7 mm Shooting Times Westerner cartridge is a flat-shooting wildcat that went mainstream.

Modern Bullets in Lever-Gun Cartridges

Advances in bullet design have stretched the performance envelope for lever-action rifles.

Loading the .38 Spl. & .357 Mag.

Accurate training and self-defense loads can be easily created for these popular revolver calibers.

Inexpensive Muzzleloader Bullet Options

Handgun bullets still have a place in muzzleloader hunting.