In The Beginning: Semi-Automatic Pistols of the 19th Century

Think the Mauser Broomhandle or a Colt was the first semi-automatic pistol? Think again. There were plenty of guns ahead of them. What, never heard of a Dormus? Read on.

Handguns of The Great War: Lugers and Broomhandles

Watch this feature segment on the "Handguns of World War I" from a recent episode of American Rifleman TV.

Chinese Broomhandles

While China was the first to invent and use gunpowder, its isolationist policy had left its armament industry in an abyss.

Spanish Broomhandles

Quick to recognize opportunity as civil war raged in China, Beístegui Hermanos and Astra-Unceta y Cía developed C96-type “broomhandle” pistols to compete against Mauser, setting the stage for years of intense competition.

Spanish Broomhandles

Spanish manufacturers developed a “broomhandle” pistol to undermine Mauser influence in China.


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