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The Great Ammo Shortage of 2020: When Will It End?

Gun owners across America are asking when ammunition will be available again. Here are some...

Fear & Loading: Darn You, CCI

That trusted name in rimfire, CCI, quietly rolled out holiday packs of .22 LR in...

Fear & Loading: How Old School Beat the Ammo Shortage

Not long ago, in a store near you, ammunition vanished without a trace.

North American Arms NAA-22S Mini Revolver: A Short Review

This single-action revolver is a fully functional exercise in firearm miniaturization.

Keefe Report: “Why Can’t I Find .22 Ammo!?”

While this question has become less common, it never has gone away. In many areas,...

Yet Another Explanation for the Ammo Shortage?

While I have tried to explain the recent ammunition shortage through changes in the market,...

HC Mags HC3R Tactical Pack

This innovative quick-load magazine system is an ideal accessory for the Ruger 10/22 Rifle.

Stockpiling ammo?

Not all cartridges are created equal when it comes to long-term storage.

Snap Shots: Week 9-Welcome to Sherwood and a Lightly Used .22 Laser Trainer with A Dead Battery

When you have magazines dating back to 1885, you end up flipping through pages and...

.22 Ammo Shortage Solution: Laserlyte LT-LR .22 Trainer

If you want to stay sharp with your .22 until .22 LR starts reappearing on...

NormaUSA TAC-22 .22 Long Rifle Ammunition

NormaUSA TAC-22 .22 Long Rifle ammunition gives shooters yet another option with which to fuel...

Boy Scout Shooting Program Saved by Donations

A Nebraska Boy Scout camp's shooting program was saved thanks to the donation of 65,000...

Where Has All The Ammo Gone?

In case you hadn’t noticed, we are in the midst of an ammunition, primer and...