Savage Arms Model 25: A Budget-Priced Varmint Rifle

You might have heard of other options in the Savage Arms lineup, but the budget-priced Model 25 is one worth looking at.

The Ruger Model 77 Rifle Turns 50

A half-century on, it’s no coincidence that the upstart bolt-action that took on the big boys remains one of most respected rifles in the field.

Hodgdon: The Inside Story

Best known to handloaders within the firearm industry, Hodgdon Powder Company’s sphere of influence is farther-reaching than one might expect.

Latest Loads: .17 Hornet

When habitually pitting your .17 Hornet against coyotes, or pressing it into service for prairie dogs in the windy West, you should consider Hornady’s heavier, 0.172"-diameter, 25-gr. V-Max bullet.

Latest Loads: .17 Hornet

The .17 Hornet is the quintessential mid-range varmint cartridge—regardless if you’re hunting east or west of the Mississippi River.

Product Preview: American Eagle Varmint & Predator

Specifically engineered for varmints and predators, American Eagle Varmint & Predator offers bulk packaging at affordable pricing.


By working together, Winchester Ammunition and Savage Arms have brought to market the .17 Winchester Super Magnum (WSM), a cartridge that is poised to redefine the role of rimfires.

What's Going On with Gun Sales?

"Why do you guys promote guns no one can find?" one reader recently posited. That was followed up by: "You put the Kimber Solo on the cover; you might as well have reviewed a unicorn." Another quipped, "I just ordered a SIG Sauer P224 and a leprechaun at my dealer; we'll see which comes in first."


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