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Smith & Wesson M&P10

Smith & Wesson didn’t just dip its toes into the .308 Winchester AR market—it jumped...

The Laser’s Edge

Even though I started as a skeptic, I became a fan of lasers after trying...

Top 10 Hunting Rifles

The editors of American Rifleman have taken on the daunting task of defining the top...

Defensive Fundamentals

It takes training and practice to implement the fundamentals of defense.

.50 Sense

A week at Barrett’s long-range training courses will teach you the fundamentals of big-bore, extreme-distance...

Cooperating with Police

Know how to handle yourself when dealing with police in the aftermath of a self-defense...

Bersa BP9CC

With a little more care and craftsmanship in fit and finish, this Argentine offering could...

Point Shooting

Point shooting can be effective if practiced regularly.

Beretta's A400s: 21st Century Shotguns

The “green monster of technology” is no longer alone.

Eight Awesomely Bad Shooting Tips

In an effort to rid the firearms world of these damaging misconceptions, we surveyed eight...

Practical Precision

Here are some tips for big accuracy gains on a small budget.

Henry Repeating Arms’ Mare's Leg .22 Pistol

All the fun of an unusual movie gun and .22 caliber plinking combined.

Revolver Tactical Reload

Follow these tips when conducting a tactical reload with a revolver.

Windham Weaponry SRC AR-15 Carbine

This new company brings old school expertise, commitment and quality to the modern sporting rifle...

The Ruger American Rifle

Ruger stuffs a lot of value in its minimalist-package American rifle for less than $450.

Diamondback DB380 & DB9 Sound Suppressors

Diamondback’s slick little polymer .380 and 9 mm pistols can now be converted into the...

Defensive Handgun Maintenance Tips

Regular care and maintenance keeps your carry gun ready for anything.

How to Find a Place to Shoot

If you are new to shooting or just new in town, it’s helpful to know...

Self-Defense Pistol 101

Using a handgun to defend your life requires more than just a familiarity with firearms.

Twenty-Gauge Super Slugs

Through advanced technology, 20-gauge slugs are shrinking the status quo.
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