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New York Reload

I got a question the other day at the gun store counter. A fellow customer...

Bond Arms Ranger II

Derringers have filled the small handgun role for many years, and Bond Arms Ranger II...

Designing the Ideal 3-Gun Shotgun

A reliable shotgun is crucial in 3-gun competitions.

Charter Arms .40 S&W Pitbull Revolver

The new Pitbull fires rimless rounds without the need for a moon clip.

Self-Defense Pistol 101

Using a handgun to defend your life requires more than just a familiarity with firearms.

Para USA PXT 14-45 Limited Long Slide

Hunting with a 1911? Para USA's new Limited Long Slide fits the bill for short-...

The XD(M) Evolves

Thanks to its shorter frame, the XD(M)-9 Compact 3.8 makes an excellent discreet-carry gun.

Stoeger Coach Gun

This shotgun is just as effective and as good a choice for today’s homeowner as...

Double Wide with Double Problems

The high capacity automatic pistol is now an accepted necessity in the 21st Century gun...

Guns of the Falklands War

Despite both countries’ modernity, the Falklands conflict contained a lot of conventional fighting.

Foreign Weapons 101

Learning about the guns our troops are encountering in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Bushmaster ACR

Bushmaster’s ACR is a transformative firearm.

How to Make and Reload Wax Bullets

Wax bullets provide safe and inexpensive indoor target practice.

Dixie Howda Hunter Handgun

Keeping with the spirit of the African “Howdah pistol.”

Para USA G.I. Expert

Everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Speed Reload

Fast reloads come with technique and practice.

Free Falling

American shooters prefer multiple magazines.

New York Reload

The fastest reload is a second gun.
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