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Building the Perfect 3-Gun Rifle

Three-gun is one of the most addictive competitive shooting sports, and requires quality equipment.

How to Find a Place to Shoot

If you are new to shooting or just new in town, it’s helpful to know...

TacStar Sidesaddle

The TacStar Sidesaddle mounts to a variety of shotguns providing fast access to additional shells.

Self-Defense Pistol 101

Using a handgun to defend your life requires more than just a familiarity with firearms.

Multitasker Firearm Tools

The Multitasker Ultralight offers a variety of tools for maintaining your firearm in the field.

The Measure of Accuracy

I stumbled onto a new website not long ago. The author was doing a pretty...

Predator Tactical Shrike 1911

A Top Shot tests a top gun built by a relative newcomer.

Ruger 10/22 Thompson Submachine Gun Conversion Kit

Turn your Ruger 10/22 into a semi-auto .22 Thompson machinegun clone.

Blaser R8 Rifle: The Next Step

The R8 is bigger, stronger and has several new features, like the ability to chamber...

DIY: Camouflaging Your Gun

Go gently into that painted night by camouflaging your rifle.

Zeiss Victory RF Optics

The Victory is part of a new class of “optronic” instruments-which marry optical and electronic...

A Half-Century of Service

The NRA Law Enforcement Division celebrates its 50th Anniversary.

Shotgun Loads for Turkey Hunting

Modern turkey loads have increased distance and knockdown power.

Making the Long Shot

Successful long-range shooting requires you to know your rifle intimately.

The Lure of the Double Rifle

Big-bore double rifles symbolize adventure.
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