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Handloading Lead-Free Bullets

There are multiple factors that must be considered when handloading lead-free bullets.

ARTV 2010 Ep. 3: Top 10 Hunting Rifles Pt. 1

American Rifleman TV's Top 10 Hunting Rifles - Pt. 1

A Tribute to a Quiet Hero

On September 11, the hand of unspeakable evil reached out and touched one of the...

What About the Other 6 mms?

One of America’s most popular cartridges is the .243 Win., however, the 6 mm Rem....

All Business: The .458 Lott

The .458 Lott is a task-specific cartridge made for the business of taking on the...

Weatherby Eyebrow

Weatherby Eyebrow—Noun: The rapid acceleration of the rear of the ocular housing of an optical...

A Weatherby Man in Alaska

Over the past two weeks I made a new friend, Craig Hill, from Galena, Alaska....

Federal Premium Safari Grade Ammunition

Federal targeted a small but growing market with Safari Grade ammo.

Harry Selby On…

One of Africa’s most famous hunters shares some of his views.

African Plains-Game Rifles

The rifle matters, but not as much as the shooter.

Something For Nothing

Hornady’s Superformance ammunition enhances ballistics without increasing pressure.

Howa/Axiom Varminter Rifle Package

An accurate, reasonably priced and ready-to-shoot rifle.

Weatherby Orion D’Italia II

Weatherby’s Orion D’Italia II: an affordable, semi-custom, over-under shotgun
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