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9x23 mm & .357 Sig

In the 90s, two rounds firing 9 mm diameter bullets were introduced-the 9x23 mm and...

Return of the Red Label

Ruger recently announced the return of its Red Label shotgun, and Sheriff Jim Wilson was...


While carrying a concealed handgun is important, the most essential self-defense tool is your mind’s...

Support-Hand Draw

There are times when the support hand must obtain a gun to ward off an...

Support-Hand Shooting

Support-hand shooting is not a fast-draw technique so much as it is a survival technique.

CrossBreed Liberty Cross

The CrossBreed Liberty Cross holster is a collaboration between Mark Craighead, Jason Winnie and Jim...

Liberty Cross Limited Edition SAA Revolver Holster

The Liberty Cross is designed for the Single Action Army Revolver 4 5/8-inch barrel.

Happy Trails B-Western Gun Raffle

Support the Happy Trails Children’s Foundation by purchasing a chance to win a beautiful B-Western...

Selecting a Defensive Holster

You chose your defensive handgun wisely. How you choose to carry it is just as...

Moving with a Carbine

Moving is part of fighting, and should be done with practiced care.

Happy Trails Foundation Annual Raffle

For 16 years, the Happy Trails Foundation has been raffling off exact replicas of the...

Galco Holsters CarrySafe

Not every CCW permit holder conceals directly on their person, and Galco's latest release recognizes...

Smith & Wesson Model 41

Smith & Wesson has opted to reintroduce a classic to its line in 2013 with...

Ruger SR1911 Commander

When Ruger rolled out its SR1911, it was a big deal. So it shouldn't come...

The Glock 30S

Firearms designed for concealed carry continue to be among the most consistently demanded products on...

Three Factors of IWB Holsters

Choose your IWB holster wisely, by following these three tips from Sheriff Jim Wilson.

Basic Flashlight Techniques

Here are the three most popular, and useful, flashlight techniques.

Nock's Volley Gun

A little-known failed experiment by the British Royal Navy produced the seven-barreled Nock volley gun.

Cooperating with Police

Know how to handle yourself when dealing with police in the aftermath of a self-defense...

Colt New Frontier

Colt has brought back the New Frontier variant of the Single Action Army.
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