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Ladies Choice

These days it seems everyone has an opinion about what exactly is the right gun...

Vacation Security

Just as with home-defense, vacation security requires some prior planning. Sheriff Jim Wilson offers some...

Glock's Gen4 Pistols: The Evolution of Perfection?

While Glock pistols appear much the same as they did when first released in the...

Bond Arms Backup

This next-generation Mini features an improved trigger and new semi-auto caliber options.

Savage Rascal

The Savage Rascal is designed around smaller shooters, making it a top-notch training tool for...

Kel-Tec KSG

The KSG is unconventional, yet characteristic of the Kel-Tec brand.

America's Deadliest Sniper

Navy Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle holds the record for most confirmed kills by a...

The Varmint Revolver

I recall a very pleasant day at my gun club, shooting a handsome old Smith...

Dakota Rifles: American Best

As part of the Freedom Group, Dakota appears poised to produce its best guns ever.

Foreign Weapons 101

Learning about the guns our troops are encountering in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Unique X-51 Rifle

From the Dope Bag Archives: Unique X-51 Rifle, May 1960.

Dixie Howda Hunter Handgun

Keeping with the spirit of the African “Howdah pistol.”
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