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10 Gun Terms We Need in the Dictionary

The crack team of linguists at Oxford University rolled out dozens of accepted new “words”...

NRA Gun of the Week: FNH Five-SeveN MK2

Learn more about the FNH Five-SeveN MK2 in this NRA Gun of the Week video...

Gift Guide for the Gun Guy

When you think about all the things he does to make your world a better...

Winchester Lever-Actions Go To War

Although the U.S. military snubbed lever-action Winchesters, other nations, attracted by their innovation or just...

Bond Arms California Compliant Derringers

The residents of The Golden State can now enjoy these sturdy little caliber-convertible double-barrel pistols.

Behind Enemy Lines: Weapons of Vietnam's Covert Warriors

During the Vietnam War, the men of the Studies and Observations Group carried an astonishing...

Fashion Meets Function: EAA Witness Pavona

European American Armory’s Pavona pistol line is an example of fashion meeting function—it also demonstrates...

Defensive Gun Options for New Shooters

Without the proper guidance, choosing just one gun for self-defense can be overwhelming.

Hornady RAPiD Safe

Responsible gun ownership means securing firearms in a manner that minimizes the chances of unauthorized...

CMMG Mk4 PDW Pistol

This new AR-15 semi-auto pistol packs a .30-caliber punch!

The 7 Most Curious Handguns of 2014

A few firearm companies have chosen to trot out some unusual new products this year....

Concealed Carrie Expands Concealed-Carry Line

The concealed-carry bags, which boast the look and feel of designer purses, are now available...

Gunvault Drawer Vault

Gunvault's drawer vault provides an easy solution to safe gun storage while you're at work...

Diamondback DB15 Pistol

This new AR-based handgun is a good example of a well-balanced, reliable, contemporary rifle-action pistol.

Options for Safe Gun Storage

From simple trigger locks to instantly accessible lock-boxes to safes that literally weigh a ton,...

Holster Wear

Holster wear is the universal term used to describe rounded edges and removed bluing from...


When Guy Sagi heard someone trying to break into his home, he met the threat...

GunVault MicroVault XL

The MicroVault XL provides secure gun storage for home or while traveling.

Purse Carry

Choosing a concealed-carry purse requires consideration of various factors.

The Liberator Pistol

Also called the Woolworth Gun, the Liberator didn’t see much action.
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