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Rifleman At War: Iraq

When NRA's Phil Schreier went to Iraq for “American Rifleman Television” he wasn't sure how...

Branding In The Gun Business

How a brand name determines your perception of a gun.

Winchester’s Good Bullet

The Winchester XP3 has advanced bullet technology.

Ron Coburn

The man who saved Savage Arms.

The Rifleman’s Repeater

This is not your father's semi-auto.

An AR Plinking Good Time

Smith &Wesson’s M&P 15-22 Rifle.

The Real “Dirt” on Midsouth Shooters Supply

Find out the behind-the-scenes “Dirt” on the company in this profile of one of the...

A Century of Remington Autoloading Rifles

Remington’s autoloading rifles deliver power, performance and ergonomics.

Kimber Pro Aegis II

With a name meaning protection, the Pro Aegis II is a special-purpose pistol.

How to Mount a Scope

Anyone who can operate a screwdriver can mount a scope. Here’s how to mate your...
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