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Your Guide To The Changing Marketplace Of Gun Sales

In the past few years, there has been a sea change in the methods and...

Shooting Master

Even during The Great Depression, Colt was producing milestone guns, with accuracy suitable for the...

Precision vs. Accuracy

In a defensive situation, would you rather be precise, accurate or both?

Guns of the "Banana Wars" Part One

Using rifles, handguns and machine guns, marines fought in fierce battles in the Caribbean and...

Colt New Frontier

Colt has brought back the New Frontier variant of the Single Action Army.


Replicas of famous Hollywood guns are available to shooters who want to imitate the Wild...

American Rifleman 125th Anniversary Special

The Rifle, the magazine that would become American Rifleman, was started 125 years ago. Excerpted...

The M1911: The Greatest Pistol in the World

When the Colt 1911 was adopted by the U.S. military for combat use, the precursor...

Single-Action Shootout at Gunsite

Single-action revolvers once ruled the self-defense world. They still make sense.

Foreign Weapons 101

Learning about the guns our troops are encountering in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mark Keefe’s Top 10 Handguns

Editors’ picks for the handguns that changed the world.

AR's Top 10 Handguns

Our choices for the best and most significant handguns on the past century.
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