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The Slide Stop

For years, when training and competing, I used the slide stop on my 1911s to...

Defensive Fundamentals

It takes training and practice to implement the fundamentals of defense.

Preparing For Home Defense

You should do more than just buy a gun for home defense.

Basic Flashlight Techniques

Here are the three most popular, and useful, flashlight techniques.

Cooperating with Police

Know how to handle yourself when dealing with police in the aftermath of a self-defense...

Do You Have to Fire?

When I can, I read the comments of the RackAttack to discover any questions that...

Why Choose a Wheelgun?

Revolvers are simple and reliable as self-defense firearms.

Point Shooting

Point shooting can be effective if practiced regularly.


This question came up in a combat range discussion not long ago. Indeed, when does...


With the recent storms knocking out power and causing general disruption of services throughout the...

Alternative Shooting Positions

Shooting from the prone and kneeling positions can provide an edge in a fight.

Enough Gun?

It’s fun to play off the title of a great book by Robert Ruark—“Use Enough...

Cover & Concealment

You should always know where available cover and concealment is located in your area.

Frangible Ammo

Apparently, there are some shooters, who are understandably concerned about over-penetration, that have concluded that...

Choosing a Home-Defense Gun

Determining the best home-defense firearm takes careful development of a self-defense plan.

Ruger LCR .22 LR

The “From The Editor” I wrote for the February issue (if you missed it don’t...

Baughman Ramp Front Sight

The Baughman front sight was created on special order for a senior agent and firearms...

The Decision to Defend

Recently a neighbor asked my advice on purchasing a home-defense shotgun—his first gun in fact,...

Failure Drill

The Failure Drill consists of three shots designed to ensure that an attacker is stopped...

The Speed Draw

How fast can you draw and fire two shots? Can you do it before an...
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