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3 High-Performance Cartridges from Norma Ammunition

This company makes high quality ammunition to fit a wide variety of shooting sport needs.

The Armed Citizen® October 11, 2019

A home intruder wearing only boxer shorts and tennis shoes was shot dead in Gallia...

The Armed Citizen® October 4, 2019

In Phoenix, Ariz., a knife-wielding carjacker was fatally shot while attempting to rob a 19-year-old...

The Armed Citizen® August 30, 2019

A man with a handgun attempted to break into four vehicles in a shopping center...

The Armed Citizen® June 28, 2019

A muddled scene unfolded in El Paso one Wednesday night, when a girl and her...

The Armed Citizen® June 17, 2019

Sitting at home, a couple was in the living room when they heard loud banging...

The Armed Citizen® May 24, 2019

After security officers in St. Louis prevented an intoxicated, argumentative man from entering a ballpark,...

The Armed Citizen® May 10, 2019

In Lake Stevens, Wash., the owner of a convenience store received a call from his...

Product Preview: Trijicon Fiber Sights

Trijicon has a lot of experience both in manufacturing robust pistol iron sights, and in...

The Armed Citizen® April 22, 2019

An armed citizen of the Hoosier State received an early-morning surprise while entering his car.

The Armed Citizen® March 15, 2019

Soundly asleep in her bedroom, a 74-year-old woman awakened to the sounds of a burglar...

Loading Mossberg .410 Shotguns for Home Defense

Can .410 bore shotguns serve as effective close-range defensive options? Take a look at these...

The Armed Citizen® February 8, 2019

A would-be robber should have thought twice before attempting to rob two LSU student-athletes.

The Armed Citizen® December 31, 2018

An intruder learned the hard way not to bring a rock to a gunfight.

The Armed Citizen® December 24, 2018

After ice and snow knocked out his power, the last thing a Pennsylvania homeowner was...

The Armed Citizen® December 21, 2018

Repeated burglaries shouldn’t be a problem any more for an octogenarian in Mobile, Ala.

The Armed Citizen® December 17, 2018

An Ohio steelworker used a handgun to defend his Northwest Warren home.

The Armed Citizen® December 3, 2018

A mother in Lehigh Acres, Fla., acted swiftly to defend herself against the father of...

Tested: Arex ReX Zero 1TC Tactical Compact Pistol

All of the tactical features of the full-size, threaded barrel model are now available in...

The Armed Citizen® November 2, 2018

Two armed robbers were no match for a pharmacist with a revolver in Maryland.
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