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Owner Fights Back

After fighting off robbers, a store owner called 911 to report the crime. Unfortunately, there...

Welcome to Revolvifornia

An uncharacteristically high number of new revolvers was introduced at the 2014 SHOT Show, and...

Shopping Safe

With the holiday season getting started, be extra diligent to ensure you have a safe...

Crime is Up

Crime has been dropping for decades, but has rose slightly in the last couple of...

Fallen Officers

The FBI has released its preliminary numbers of law enforcement officers that were killed in...

Precision vs. Accuracy

In a defensive situation, would you rather be precise, accurate or both?

Does the AARP Still Want Your Guns?

AARP has provided services and benefits to people 50 and older for more than half...

NRA Proposes National School Safety Program

EVP Wayne LaPierre Taps Asa Hutchinson to Head National School Shield Emergency Response Program.

Proven Performance: Hornady's Critical Duty

Criminal violence in society is inevitable, and Hornady’s’ Critical Duty is designed to defeat bad...

Preparing For Home Defense

You should do more than just buy a gun for home defense.

The Echo of the Thompson Gun

The “Tommy Gun” is one of the most iconic firearms in American history. But what...

The Hession Rifle

With the London Olympics now over, it’s time for a little history lesson on British...

Kimber TLE II: The Go-To Gun

Since SWAT gets the toughest calls, their handguns have to handle everything.

Home of the Brave

Memories and her children are what kept American Rifleman Editorial Assistant Holly Miller going after...

The Super .38

The .38 Super has M1911 design and ergonomics, high-velocity and low recoil.

AR's Top 10 Handguns

Our choices for the best and most significant handguns on the past century.

A Century of Remington Autoloading Rifles

Remington’s autoloading rifles deliver power, performance and ergonomics.
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