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Review: Springfield XD Mod.2 Subcompact

The Springfield XD pistol grew from one gun in one chambering into three lines—XD, XD(M)...

Weatherby PA-459 TR 12-Gauge Shotgun

This defensive pump action is loaded with features and affordably priced.

Understanding the Tactical Reload

The tac load is an essential skill for defensive shooters, but it is equally important...

Father’s Day?

Your father was probably the one who got you started in shooting, yet you’re trolling...

TEC 12 Shotgun: A Semi-Auto and Pump in One

TriStar Arms introduces a new option for personal defense with the TEC 12.

Defensive Fundamentals

It takes training and practice to implement the fundamentals of defense.

DoubleTap Back On

The DoubleTap Tactical Pocket Pistol will now be produced by Azimuth Technology.

Texas Public Safety Chooses SIG

The SIG Sauer 1911 TACOP has been chosen as the official sidearms by the Texas...

10 Movie Myths Dispelled

Gun mistakes in movies are flagrant and often. Here are some of the worst.

The Taurus PT638 Pro SA .380 ACP

Are you looking for an accurate, low-recoil defensive pistol? Taurus has you covered.

Kimber TLE II: The Go-To Gun

Since SWAT gets the toughest calls, their handguns have to handle everything.

TALO/Colt 21st Century Commander

The Wiley Clapp TALO/Colt Century Commander is nothing short of a modern-day classic.

Springfield Range Officer M1911 .45 ACP

The Range Officer is a ready-for-competition 1911 pistol featuring high-end materials, fit and quality at...

Choosing a Handgun Shooting Stance

Whether it's the Weaver, Isosceles or an adaptation of either will depend on what the...

Britain's L129A1

British troops are taking back the half kilometer with the L129A1.

Springfield M1A: The M14’s Successful Sibling

When commercial gunmaker Springfield Armory decided to begin making and selling a civilian version of...

A Half-Century of Service

The NRA Law Enforcement Division celebrates its 50th Anniversary.
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