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Rifleman Q & A: Belgian Inheritance

A reader inquires about a William Parkhurst shotgun that belonged to his father.

Rifleman Q & A: Open-Bolt Mechanics

A reader inquires as to what it means when a firearm is fired from an...

Rifleman Q & A: Mystery Miroku

A reader inquires about an old, like-new-condition revolver made in Japan by Miroku.

Rifleman Q & A: Why Nickel Boron?

A reader asks about the advantages and disadvantages of installing a NiB-coated AR-15 BCG.

Rifleman Q & A: WD-40 as a Firearm Lubricant?

A reader asks for advice on using WD-40 for gun cleaning.

Rifleman Q & A: A Collector or a Shooter?

A reader recently started hunting and ATV riding in Colorado and wants to carry a...

Rifleman Q & A: Leads On Leading

A reader asks for advice on the use of “shotshells” in pistols.

Rifleman Q & A: The Deringer Line

A reader inquires about an old gun with markings on the barrel’s rib: “DERINGER PHILADA....

Rifleman Q & A: Winchester Model 190 Semi-Automatic

A Reader inquires about a Winchester Model 190 semi-automatic chambered for .22 Long Rifle with...

Rifleman Q & A: Mid-Range Trajectory

I am having a hard time understanding the term “mid-range trajectory.”

Rifleman Q & A: Shootin’ Blanks

A reader inquires about a problem that occurs when firing a clip of blank cartridges...

Rifleman Q & A: A Gun Of Many Names

A reader asks about an old revolver marked “National Arms Company, New York U.S.A.”

Rifleman Q & A: 7.65 mm Or .32 ACP?

A reader inquires about using .32 ACP cartridges in a German 7.65 mm Browning-chambered Ortgies...

Rifleman Q & A: Is .410 A Gauge?

A reader wants to settle a debate among friends regarding the .410 bore.

Rifleman Q & A: Properly Feeding a Llama

A reader asks about Llama Extra in 1969 with markings indicating that it is chambered...

Rifleman Q & A: A World War I Winchester Lever Gun

A reader asks about a rifle he saw in a TIME Magazine special edition for...

Rifleman Q & A: More On The MAS

A reader came across this picture of an unusual device attached to the barrel, fore-end...

Rifleman Q & A: Needing A Hand With My Remington Rand

A reader has a question about a Remington Rand .45-cal. M1911A1.

Rifleman Q & A: Make Room For Headspace

A reader wonders If headspace is so critical, how come he reads about fire forming...

Rifleman Q & A: Winchester .22 Pump?

A reader has inherited a pump-action rifle he believes to be a Winchester Model 1890.
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