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Failure Drill Comments

My colleague and friend Jim Wilson recently commented on the Failure Drill. In doing so,...

Whatever Happened to the Double Tap?

During the time that he was developing the Modern Technique of the Pistol, Col. Jeff...

The Failure Drill

There may be a lot of reasons why two shots to an attacker's vital zone...

Modern Technique Origins

Over the time that I worked as a police officer and then as a gunwriter,...

Throwback Thursday: Jeff Cooper

This man for all seasons, warrior, scholar, hunter, husband and controversialist, is above all “the...

Review: The Magnum Research Stainless Desert Eagle

Now in its 30th year of continuous production, the Magnum Research Desert Eagle has become...

The Making of Daniel Defense

Through a series of events and inventions, Daniel Defense’s AR modifications have evolved into a...

American Rifleman TV: The Modern Technique

Col. Jeff Cooper developed the Modern Technique of the Pistol as the definitive training program...

Self-Defense Behind the Wheel

Given trends in crime and the country’s automotive culture, the need to defend oneself may...

Moving with a Carbine

Moving is part of fighting, and should be done with practiced care.

Point Shooting

Point shooting can be effective if practiced regularly.

The Wolverine

In the years immediately following World War II, there was a great deal of developmental...

Flashlight-Assisted Handgun Shooting

Employ the flashlight techniques illustrated here to prevail during the time most armed encounters occur.

The .45 for Self-Defense

More than 100 years after its development, the .45 ACP is still going strong.

Walther P22 Pistol Review

A one-pound, one-ounce plinker turns in a performance that pleasantly surprises.

The Basics of Laser Sights

From science fiction to firearm fact, lasers have become an integral part of defensive handgun...

Jeff Cooper: Father of Modern Pistol Shooting

Every shooter has been influenced in some way by Col. Cooper.

Custom 1911 Builders

Those slick 1911 pistols you see in the gun shop with all the bells and...
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