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John A. Fallin's Rifle: A Veteran Of Gettysburg

On July 2 or 3, 1863, Pvt. John Fallin of the 23rd Virginia Infantry lost...

Cartridge Adapters

Devices that permit firing a cartridge in an arm chambered for a larger one.

Colt First?

For years of writing about firearms, I have been working under an erroneous impression about...

The Genesis Of Sniping

Before sniping could make an impact on the battlefield, two things were required: accurate rifles...

The Guns of Manassas, 1861

The Union and Confederate armies faced each other for the first time near Bull Run...

Throwback Thursday: The Remington Nylon 66

Every Thursday we'll reprint an article from the American Rifleman archives. In this article from...

Behind Enemy Lines: Weapons of Vietnam's Covert Warriors

During the Vietnam War, the men of the Studies and Observations Group carried an astonishing...

I Have This Old Gun: Colt 3rd Generation "Signature Series" 1851 Navy

This Colt 3rd Generation Signature Series gun has never been fired. In "NRA Perfect" condition,...

Taylor’s & Co. Black Rock 1858 New Army

The new .44 caliber Black Rock Series 1858 New Army from Taylor’s & Co., Inc....

Cabela's Pedersoli Blue Ridge Rifle

For the shooter who wants to experience firearms of the past, but doesn’t have the...

NRA National Sporting Arms Museum Opens Serial Number One Guns Exhibit

The NRA National Sporting Arms Museum at the Bass Pro Shops flagship superstore is featuring...

The Guns of Gettysburg

In July 1863, the Army of the Potomac and the Army of Northern Virginia fought...

U.S. Model 1816 Flintlock Pistol

The 1816 Flintlock pistol is considered reasonable for a historic firearm.

Robinson Arms XCR-L Pistol

This innovative modular rifle system was converted into a compact rifle-caliber pistol.

The Redcoats’ Brown Bess

Brown Bess muskets served both sides during the American Revolution.

The Remington Nylon 66

A new concept in rifles, back then.
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