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Gun Terminology: Prawl

The word "prawl" means a bump, knob or projecting corner on the frame of a...

Concealed Carry: 21st Century Style

Review of nine compact .380 semi-automatic handguns.

Enough Gun or Any Gun?

For many Americans who have made the personal decision to be responsible for their own...

Triggernometry 101

An elementary lesson in handgun fire-control systems.

Pocket Holsters

Keep a small handgun ready without printing.

The ABCs of Handgun Marksmanship

Handgun shooting requires solid fundamentals.

Ugly Guns

No matter what its features, some handguns just don't sell.

AR's Top 10 Handguns

Our choices for the best and most significant handguns on the past century.

SIG Sauer P220

Landmark design and still a great pistol, three decades later.

Revolver Accuracy

Revolvers are more accurate than many people realize.
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