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Talking with Joe Mantegna

Mark Keefe interviews actor and shooter Joe Mantegna about guns, television and freedom.

American Rifleman 125th Anniversary Special

The Rifle, the magazine that would become American Rifleman, was started 125 years ago. Excerpted...

How to Clean a Handgun

Proper cleaning is the key to keeping your guns running smoothly.

A Tale of Two Colts in .380

The discontinued Colt Government Model .380 continues to be a family favorite.

The Military Model 70

The Model 70 never saw significant use by the U.S. military.

How about the CCOs?

Several friends have asked me to find out why Colt no longer makes the CCO,...

Federal Premium Safari Grade Ammunition

Federal targeted a small but growing market with Safari Grade ammo.


Precision Shooting Equipment has turned the AR-15 into a gun for all seasons.

Foreign Weapons 101

Learning about the guns our troops are encountering in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Super .38

The .38 Super has M1911 design and ergonomics, high-velocity and low recoil.

African Plains-Game Rifles

The rifle matters, but not as much as the shooter.

The Beretta M9: 25 Years of Service

The Beretta family, company, and Italian industry can take justifiable pride in doing what to...

The Truth About Gun Shows

Attacks on guns shows are about exploiting a lack of knowledge on the part of...


The Taurus Millennium Pro.
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