RCBS AmmoMaster Chronograph Preview

RCBS AmmoMaster Chronograph Preview

Hornady Innovates for 2016: Three Major Takeaways

American Rifleman's Joseph Kurtenbach had a very early look at some of the 2016 products in announced today by Hornady. Read what he has to say about them here.

From Precision to Practical (with Pearls): The ELEY Practical Rimfire Challenge

What began as an assignment to cover an emerging discipline in competitive rifle shooting returned the author to her roots as a competitor.

Shooting Granddad’s Rifle: Reloading “Big Bore” Rimfires

You can learn a lot about your family history through “gun genealogy”—the firearms your ancestors owned and passed down and the stories that go along with them.

Tested: Hodgdon Triple Seven Firestar Pellets

See how Hodgon Triple Seven Firestar blackpowder substitute pellets perform through different rifles, and with different bullets.


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