Latest Loads: 7 mm-08 Rem.

Want a cartridge capable of downing all non-dangerous species worldwide, without punishing recoil?

Latest Loads: .243 Win.

Low cost doesn’t necessarily equate to lousy performance.

Latest Loads: 12-ga., 2-Inch Shotshell

Forget dancing teapots; we’re talking about 2", 12-ga. shotshells. Thanks to their scant, 1¾" to 11 3⁄16" overall length when roll crimped, you’ll earn an extra round in the magazine for every four, 2¾" rounds that you replace.

Latest Loads: 9 mm Luger

Though firearm-mounted sound suppressors significantly reduce the ear-damaging noise of supersonic ammunition, maximum benefit from their use is achieved through the use of subsonic loads; in fact, when the latter are paired with a suppressor, the report of the firearm is reminiscent of a pneumatic nail gun.

Latest Loads: Muddying The Waters

Within the hunting community, few topics are as hotly debated as is use of .22-cal., center-fire rifles for hunting deer.

Latest Loads: Wingshooting Workout

Now is the time to hone your wingshooting skills—and nothing is better at doing so than time spent on a sporting clays course.

Latest Loads: .375 H&H Mag.

Even in an ever-more-crowded field, the .375 H&H Mag. remains one of the few truly “great” cartridges.

Latest Loads: Less Is More in Steel Shot 20 Gauge

Steel shot’s low density (and light weight) is a catch-22; when compared to lead pellets, there is significantly more steel shot for a given payload weight—a good thing.

Latest Loads: Hornady 250-gr. GMX

Of the myriad rifle cartridges introduced from the late-1990s through the 2000s, the .375 Ruger is among the very best, and the load below illustrates why.

Latest Loads: Back To The Basics

With an ever-increasing selection of exotic-design bullets from which to choose, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the old-school options that not only represent a tremendous value, but have been extensively field tested, too.

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