Editors’ Picks 2018: Winchester Hybrid X 9 mm Luger 124-gr. +P Ammunition

Winchester Ammunition's new Hybrid X 124-gr. 9 mm Luger +P load blends new bullet materials and design elements with features in use for well over a century.

Breaking With Convention: NovX Ammunition

NovX’s forward-thinking approach to ammunition design not only challenges tradition, but threatens to rewrite the rules.

SHOT Show 2018: Winchester Hybrid-X 9 mm Ammunition

Winchester Ammunition has launched a new 124-gr. 9 mm +P load called the Hybrid X, which blends new bullet materials and design elements with features that have been in use for well over a century.

New NovX Ammo Now Shipping

NovX is now shipping its new 9 mm ARX Engagement: Extreme Self-defense and 9 mm RNP Crosstrainer rounds.

Tested: CMMG MkW Anvil XBE Rifle

This new mid-size AR is purpose built to reliably handle the big-bore .458 SOCOM semi-automatic rifle cartridge.

Tested: The Polycase ARX Bullet

An all-new bullet—featuring unique construction and manufactured through injection molding—is poised to make a noticeable impact on the purses and perceptions of shooters across a variety of disciplines.

Keefe Report: Ruger Ammunition

“Ever heard of PolyCase? Very Interesting. You should look at it.” Those words came from Ruger’s Mark Gurney, a good friend of mine and one of the reasons why Ruger is such a market-leading company today.


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