Latest Loads: Back To The Basics

With an ever-increasing selection of exotic-design bullets from which to choose, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the old-school options that not only represent a tremendous value, but have been extensively field tested, too.

Latest Loads: Fiber-Wad Loads

The adage “what’s old is new again” certainly applies to fiber-wad loads.

Latest Loads: Ultimate Goose Getter

Since the introduction of the 3½"-chambered 12-ga. shotgun in 1988, the 3½" 10 gauge has fallen from favor with hunters, which is a shame.

The California-Friendly Creedmoor

A recent “Latest Loads” column featured the 6.5 mm Creedmoor cartridge capped with Hornady’s new 143-gr.

Latest Loads: Lehigh Defense 9 mm Luger

Most manufacturers of personal-protection bullets seek controlled expansion and high weight retention.

Latest Loads: Barnes 52-gr. Match Burner

Barnes Bullets is best known for its leadless projectiles, such as the famous X-series; however, the company also manufactures top-notch lead-core bullets—the Match Burner bullets are one example.

Latest Loads: 16-gauge., 2 3/4 inch

Loads for the 16 gauge have long been scarce and lacking in variety, generally carrying payloads of similar weights and sizes of shot.

Latest Loads: Nosler Custom Competition 185-gr. JHP

Compact, lightweight .45 ACP pistols, such as the Springfield Armory XD-S 3.3", are ideal for concealed carry; however, building proficiency with them through regular practice can be painful.

Latest Loads: .32-20 Win.

Principally kept alive by cowboy action shooters and metallic silhouette handgun competitors, the now-134-year-old .32-20 Win. has capabilities that are seldom realized.

Latest Loads: 12-GA., 2 3/4

There are certain loads that just stand out—one such recipe is found below.

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