Product Preview: Hornady Security Rechargeable Dehumidifier

Intended for use inside enclosed gun safes and cabinets, the Rechargeable Dehumidifier, by Hornady Security, is equally suited to eliminating humidity and preventing mold and mildew inside closets and pantries.

Last Of The Breed: Marine Corps M45A1

The final example of U.S. military M1911s, the Marine Corps M45A1 was carried on special operations missions around the world.

Tested: SnapSafe Trunk and Under Bed L Safes

Protect your firearms while driving or make the most of that wasted space under your bed with these new purpose-built safes.

Tested: SecureIt’s Agile Model 52 Ultralight Gun Safe

If the notion of “assembly required” for secure gun storage seems suspect, SecureIt has taken the dread out of those two words.

6 Must-See Products From the 2018 Dallas NRA Show

Here are a handful of buzzworthy products well worth the reputations that preceded them and the double-takes on the showroom floor.

Preparing an Urban Emergency Kit

A few essentials tucked into an easy-access bag can make the difference in an emergency.

An Inside Look at Liberty Safe

The Liberty Safe company is located in Utah, a current mecca for American-made Residential Security Containers.

Assembling the SnapSafe Titan Gun Safe

This safe's modular design makes it possible for just one person to install it.

Gun Safes, Floods and Water

Even guns “safely” stored in a safe have fallen victim, because those heavy-duty steel systems capable of frustrating burglars and shrugging off a fire’s heat, aren’t usually waterproof.

A Look Back at the M1 Carbine

Like a lot of things American, the popularity of the M1 Carbine grew more because of imagination than practicality.

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