Colt's Cobra: The Wheel, Rediscovered

The first new double-action sixgun in decades from Colt’s Mfg.—the Cobra—is a .38 Spl. snubbie that will have a new generation appreciating revolvers from Hartford. This worthy successor handles well and comes from the company that invented the wheelgun.

Tested: Nighthawk Custom Hi Power

Fabrique Nationale’s classic pistol is the High Power, first offered in 1935 and still in production (under the name Hi Power) in Belgium and Portugal. Licensed copies have been made in other plants, and unauthorized copies are sometimes encountered.

Tested: Smith & Wesson M&P45 Shield

Ten years ago, Smith & Wesson introduced a line of defensive semi-automatic pistols that carried the firm’s long-used “Military & Police” model identification.

Colt's New M1911s: The Competition Pistol and Lightweight Commander

Two new M1911s—the Competition Pistol and the revamped Lightweight Commander—prove that Colt is back on track.

Springfield EMP4 Pistol Evaluation

Scaled specifically for the increasingly popular 9 mm Luger cartridge, the EMP4 is a handy rendition of the M1911 that offers advantages for handgunners big and small.

Tested: Kimber's Micro Pistols

It should be obvious that a gun intended for concealed carry on the person should be small, but more importantly, it should be light.

Clapp on Handguns: Ransom Rest Revisited

After we republished one of my older American Rifleman articles on this site, several readers commented on the use of the Ransom Rest.

Evaluating Handguns

Hard science and human subjectivity can help you accurately determine pistol and revolver performance.

Throwback Thursday: The FBI Ammo Tests

Every Thursday we'll share an article from the American Rifleman archives. In this article from June 1990, the author reports that It was the Bureau's ammunition performance testing that set the stage for the switch from revolvers to double-action semi-autos for the federal lawman.

Throwback Thursday—.40 S&W Ammo: Choices Aplenty

Every Thursday we'll share an article from the American Rifleman archives. In this article from September 1991, the .40 S&W cartridge was a year old. Winchester had a brief monopoly on the hottest new defense and police cartridge, but now many different makers are supplying...

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