FBI Committed to Keeping NICS Running

Amidst record-breaking numbers of background checks, the FBI told American Rifleman that it would remain committed to keeping its NICS section running.

January 2020 Gun Sales Set New Record

The January 2020 NICS background-check numbers are in, and based on the estimates, it appears that the record high from January 2016 has been surpassed.

Fear & Loading: More to November Sales Figures than Black Friday

If the FBI conducts 2.2 million this month, 2019 will claim the title for the most conducted in a single year—despite the fact the annual firearm sales record set in 2016 (adjusted to roughly 15.7 million) is not in jeopardy.

Fear & Loading: Gun Sales—Up Nearly 16 Points in August

The increase comes on the heels of modest gains posted in July, June and May, although it’s still too early to predict whether this year’s total will beat 2018’s numbers.

Fear & Loading: Shooting Gear Sales Grow 11 Percent

Despite the much-publicized “new norm” in firearm sales, spending in the overall shooting and hunting sports market grew by 11 percent in 2018.

Fear & Loading: Financial Moves at Vista Outdoor

The experts aren’t letting the “new norm” reflected in NICS background checks dampen their long-term economic forecast for the gun industry.

Fear & Loading: Firearm Sales Showing Interesting Trends

A continuation of a “new norm” in gun sales below last year’s totals is reflected in November’s NICS figures.

Fear & Loading: Update—Gunsite and Intuit Come to Terms

Intuit has voluntarily contacted the famed firearm training facility and has agreed to cover the cost of manpower required to recover the rerouted funds.

Fear & Loading: Strange Claim on New NICS Record

The FBI processed a record number of NICS background checks for the reporting period of March at 2,223,213, nearly 80,000 more than the monthly high water mark set in 2016.

The Keefe Report—2018: The New Gun Whiteout

The firearm industry is in a different place than it has ever been. It’s not necessarily a bad place, but one that requires some thought.

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