Preview: 42nd Edition Blue Book of Gun Values

The Blue Book of Gun Values now enters its 42nd year and has the largest database of firearm value information to date.

Tips & Techniques: Add an 'Antique' Finish to Your Stock

Mimicking that antique rifle stock's finish might be harder than you think, but there's a tried-and-true method for finishing gun stocks.

Rifleman Q&A: A Rare Hopkins & Allen Derringer

Hopkins & Allen didn't make many of these derringers, which means they're highly collectible arms.

This Old Gun: Model 1866 Chassepot

Armed with its Model 1866 Chassepot, one of the earliest bolt-action designs, the French military under Napoleon III was reckoned to be unbeatable.

I Have This Old Gun: Remington 1875 Improved Army Revolver

It probably wasn’t the kind of endorsement that E. Remington & Sons would have preferred, but when outlaw Frank James surrendered to the governor of Missouri on Oct. 5, 1882, and handed over his 1875 Remington, he proclaimed, “the Remington is the hardest and surest shooting pistol made.”

A Modernized Muzzleloader: Traditions NitroFire & Federal FireStick

The Traditions Firearms NitroFire inline Muzzleloader series provides hunters with a package ready for use and reloads made easy with Federal Ammunition FireStick cartridges.

This Old Gun: Pattern 1853 Enfield

Simply put, the Pattern 1853 Enfield rifle-musket, along with its variants, is one of the most important firearms of the 19th century.

This Old Gun: Model 1858 Starr Army Revolver

The Model 1858 Starr Army revolver is one of a surprising number of foreign-made revolvers that made an appearance in the American Civil War.

The Guns of Thanksgiving

The Pilgrims weren't buckle-hatted, black-clad figures wielding blunderbusses. Here are the guns they had with them at the first Thanksgiving.

This Old Gun: U.S. Model 1842 Percussion Pistol

The Model 1842 was the first percussion pistol adopted by the United States military, and it saw service through the Civil War and beyond.

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