3 1/2-inch Turkey Loads: Worth the Recoil?

Many turkey hunters are choosing to load heavy-hitting 3 1/2-inch shells into their guns. But does the extra firepower really make a difference?

Why We Name Our Guns

Shooters and hunters name their firearms for a variety of reasons, such as love, respect and old-fashioned amusement.

Portable Gun Tool Kits

Firearms can have problems in the field, whether from traveling or mishaps. A portable firearm tool kit can keep a hunt from being ruined.

Winchester Blind Side

Now it’s possible to get “premium”-grade waterfowl performance at a reasonable price.

ARTV 2010 Ep. 12: Remington 870 Reaches 10 Million

American Rifleman TV Visits Remington

Savage Arms Lightweight Hunter Rifles

This extremely light and accuracy rifle is also affordable.

Minotaur Tactical Medusa Tri-Rail

The Medusa Tri-Rail is a one-piece steel frame unit with three removable rails for the Remington 870 pump-action shotgun.

Wiley Clapp’s Five Favorite Firearms

As a guy who has spent all but a few years of his life wrapped up in firearms and their use, I have formed some strong opinions as to what really catches my fancy.

GOTW: Remington 870 ShurShot Synthetic Turkey

GOTW: Remington 870 ShurShot Synthetic Turkey

Remington 870 ShurShot Synthetic Turkey

Remington introduced its venerable Model 870 Pump in 1950 and has since produced over 10 million of them, making it the world’s most popular shotgun, if not one of the world’s most popular guns of any variety.

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