Second Amendment Receivers

Stag Arms is once again offering its Second Amendment receivers for those wanting to display their beliefs.

The Keefe Report: Freedom Matters—It's My Second Amendment

Thanks to the Second Amendment, we can choose to be ready. We can choose to defend our own lives and those of our fellow Americans.

Fear & Loading: More than One Offensive Front on Our Second Amendment Rights

Legislative battles raging across the nation at virtually every level of authority will determine whether the Second Amendment survives, but this war is being waged actively on multiple fronts. Here’s a few of those engagements currently being fought.

The Business Of The Second Amendment

Emotional links resonate with consumers, and the firearms industry is blessed with one of the best.

The Keefe Report: "It's My Second Amendment"

A man should have heroes. And I am proud to say I have come to know some of mine.

Experience the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

The NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits is a place to celebrate American values and Second Amendment freedoms. Watch the video from the 2013 Houston show, which drew a crowd of more than 80,000.

Download Your NRA Screensavers

Show your support of the Second Amendment by downloading an NRA screensaver.

Video: Donald Trump Jr. at SilencerCo

Donald Trump Jr.—unabashed firearm enthusiast, hunter and outspoken Second Amendment supporter—sat down with SilencerCo CEO Joshua Waldron for a one on one about the issues.

Ruger Reinvents the Mini-14

One of which helps protect your Second Amendment rights.

Springfield Armory Severs Ties with Dick's Sporting Goods

Springfield Armory announced its decision in response to Dick’s Sporting Goods’ attempts to deny Second Amendment freedoms.

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