Where Have All The Primers Gone?

As outlets begin to "ration" the sale of primers, we explore the current phenomenon of the great demand for ammunition.

Build Your Own Loading Bench

It doesn't have to be huge to be effective.

3 Times the Fun: 3-Gun Training

3-Gun Training with the Pros

Mark Keefe's Top 10 Infantry Rifles

Editors' picks for the rifles that changed the world.

A Century of Remington Autoloading Rifles

Remington’s autoloading rifles deliver power, performance and ergonomics.

Thompson/Center ICON Precision Hunter

Reaching out long distance just got easier.

Getting Started in Handloading

It's easier than you think.

Smith & Wesson’s Schofield Revolver

The Schofield was a top-break gun, popping open in the middle and allowing for simultaneous ejection of spent cartridges or quick reloading.

John Wesley Hardin's Colt Revolver

Hardin usually carried more than one Colt revolver, as reloading a cap-and-ball handgun under fire was not a quick or easily completed task.

The Remington Nylon 66

A new concept in rifles, back then.

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