Do-It-Yourself Gunsmithing Mistakes

Follow these tips to avoid turning minor gunsmithing mistakes into expensive problems.

American Gunsmithing Institute Partners With American Rifleman

The American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) has been selected as the exclusive host and content provider for the “Guns & Gunsmiths” webpage.

Video—Preserving the Skills: Gunsmithing at Colonial Williamsburg

Gunsmiths at Colonial Williamsburg demonstrate the tricks of their old-fashioned trade, creating high-quality, period-correct firearms with naught but hand tools.

Learning Essential Gunsmithing Skills at Home

When I was a kid growing up in south Florida, my dad had a small heavy equipment business. I’d spend most Saturdays at work with him and my older brother, moving equipment around the city and standing around lots of construction and industrial sites looking for something to do.

American Gunsmithing Institute "Christmas in July" Sale

AGI has announced its "Christmas in July Sale," which will run through Aug. 31, 2015.

AGI: Customizing the AR-15

The American Gunsmithing Institute has developed a DVD course teaching how to work on and customize the AR-15 rifle.

Tech-SIGHTS Ruger Mini-14 Rear Aperture

The Tech-SIGHTS RR200 is a rear-aperture sight upgrade for Ruger Mini-14 rifles that can be added with zero gunsmithing.

Product Preview: Brownells Premium 7.62x39 mm AR-15 Barrel

Brownells provides high-quality gunsmithing tools and firearm parts, and has tapped Satern Barrels to produce a premium barrel made from 416R stainless steel and chambered in 7.62x39 mm.

NRA Gun Gear of the Week: Agency Arms Glock Magwell

American Rifleman's Joe Kurtenbach takes on the Agency Arms Glock Magwell enhancement.

Colonial Williamsburg's Fire A Flintlock Musket Program

Want to fire a period-correct musket? Check out Colonial Williamsburg's musket range and "Fire a Flintlock Musket" program.

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