ArmaLite Airsoft M15A4 Rifle

The ArmaLit M15A4 is a scale model airsoft gun built for military, police and force-on-force training.

RCBS AmmoMaster Chronograph Preview

RCBS AmmoMaster Chronograph Preview

The 1903 Colt: A Look Back

One of the first semi-automatic pocket pistols came from the fertile mind of John Browning.

CCI’s Green Ammo

CCI gets the lead out of some of its rimfire hunting ammunition.

Nighthawk Custom’s Lady Hawk

The Lady Hawk is strikingly attractive without being garish or necessarily feminine.

Accuracy Matters with Les Baer’s Tactical Recon

Les Baer has returned to bolt-actions with two highly accurate rifles.

Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition

Barnes has put a new spin on an old theme.

Patents: How They Really Work In The Gun Business

You might have a patent, but that doesn't mean it's valid… or does it?


Precision Shooting Equipment has turned the AR-15 into a gun for all seasons.

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