Fear & Loading: “Stockpilers” Account for 44 Percent of Ammo Sales

Primary reasons cited by respondents for the accumulation include uncertainty in future supplies, concerns about changes in the political climate, money savings, swings in economic conditions/income and time savings.

Body Armor Sales Skyrocketing

Along with unprecedented levels of firearm and ammo sales, civilian purchases of body armor are also skyrocketing.

Firearm Accessory Companies See Unprecedented Growth

As firearm and ammo sales grow to new highs, firearm accessories are close behind. Many companies are experiencing huge growth in this market.

Coronavirus Fears Spur Sales of Ammo & Survival Gear

Recent fears surrounding the spread of coronavirus have spurred sales of ammunition, survival and emergency gear across the U.S.

COVID-19 Concerns Create Increased Demand for Ammo

Several sources across the firearm industry reported extremely high demand to American Rifleman in light of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Where's the Ammo?

It is consumer demand that keeps supplies of ammo nationwide low-and prices high. To figure out why, you might ask your neighbor.


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